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DGGE Package

Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) is an important technique used in the search for mutations and DNA polymorphisms critical in genetic disorders and cancers, and to understand genetic diversity among species. The new OmniPAGE VS20WAVE-DGGE is a flexible system that can be fully customised to perform several different mutation detection techniques. The VS20WAVE-DGGE is a versatile single-unit solution for different single-base pair mutation detection methods. The newly designed VS20WAVE-DGGE is a complete system for DNA mutation analysis.   
Using the innovative vertical screw-clamp technology of the new VS20-WAVE system, the VS20WAVE-DGGE is fully equipped with temperature control unit, stirrer, and gradient mixer and casting accessories to perform specific mutation analysis applications. A powerful microprocessor-controlled PID temperature control unit enables various mutation detection techniques to be undertaken between ambient temperature and 70C, while the simple fourscrew design of the WAVE insert accelerates set up of denaturing PAGE gels. Accordingly, the new VS20-DGGE can be used to screen single-base pair changes in the following applications:   
  • Heteroduplex analysis (HA)   
  • Parallel Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE)   
  • Constant Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (CDGE)   
    The flexibility provided by the modular design of the VS20WAVE-DGGE and its wide range of accessories enables laboratories to switch quickly and easily between different mutation detection techniques, thereby maximising throughput and screening efficiency. A maximum 96-sample throughput allows detection of as many mutations within a couple hours, alleviating many of the bottlenecks associated with screening for DNA mutations.
  • DGGE Package
    Buffer Volume 8.5 L
    Electropheresis Type Gel
    Orientation (H/V) Vertical
    Depth 17 cm
    Height 44 cm
    Width 40.5 cm
    Weight 8 kg



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    Hi,I want to buy it, but ? am wondering that is it convinent for DNA samples with SSR markers ? Can I learn price of the electrophoresis. Please inform me detaily.Thanks

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