Leica Biosystems BOND RX Research IHC and ISH Staining


BOND RX Research IHC and ISH Staining

The fully automated BOND RX helps clear the path to new discoveries. With quality, flexibility and speed, BOND RX ensures nothing is missed, allows more tests to be run, and provides the freedom to explore new possibilities. BOND RX is a truly open system. Antibodies, probes and detection systems are open while protocols can be customized. 
This means BOND RX will dispense your reagents in the sequence you choose, so you have the freedom to discover. 
See the whole picture. With full automation and Covertile technology, BOND RX consistently provides high-quality stains to help ensure vital information is clearly visible. 
Find answers sooner. With speed and organization, BOND RX lets you stain more slides each day. This gives you the freedom to explore more possibilities, test more theories, and make that critical breakthrough earlier. 
New insights require innovative thinking and with BOND RX you’re not locked into conventional methods. You choose the reagents and the intuitive software lets you quickly customize your staining protocols. Best of all, this highly-efficient system virtually eliminates daily maintenance so you’ll have more time to spend making critical discoveries.
BOND RX Research IHC and ISH Staining
Depth 30.9 in
Height 53.5 in
Width 53.5 in
Weight 542 lbs


  • Fully Flexible 
  • Truly Open 
  • Cost Effective
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