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With temperatures regularly reaching -70°C, the coldest place on earth is unsurprisingly the Antarctic. Source BioScience is now able to replicate these bone-chilling temperatures in an innovative, efficient storage solution. The only one of its kind in the world, the Source BioScience -70°C walk-in chamber is the first in the new Polar Series and will be welcomed into research and industrial settings alike. Boasting a high-efficiency insulated enclosure, with an internal volume of 50m3, the chamber is supported with 100% operational redundancy on key components and has been designed for easy installation in any manufacturing or storage facility.


  • A walk-in storage chamber with an internal volume of 50m3 
  • Fully ‘validated void’ traceable to national standards (UKAS / NIST) providing -70°C storage capability with a +/- 5°C operating tolerance 
  • Dual refrigeration system providing 100% operating redundancy ensuring 24/7 operating compliance 
  • Purpose designed refrigeration equipment housed in a standalone factory built and tested mechanical/electrical pack 
  • A chamber system designed to allow easy installation in an existing stability suite 
  • Significantly reduced power requirements compared to using multiple upright freezers 
  • Built in safety systems reducing operational risk 
  • Minimal elements requiring service and maintenance, reducing the potential for equipment failure 
  • A high efficiency insulated enclosure incorporating 200mm thick section PIR insulated foam
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