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VACUCELLEVO ® vacuum drying oven is a direct heat chamber transferring heat via the patented SERVO Therm shelves. Temperature sensitive (such as solvents), easily decomposable or oxidative materials can be dried carefully in the VACUCELL® vacuum drying ovens. The unit also offers the feature to evacuate air with an inert gas. Components with hard to access spaces and contours dry quickly and effectively. VACUCELL EVO ® ovens are ideal for drying samples to a consistent weight. Applications include use in the fields of plastics processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and other industriesA color 5.7” inch touch screen icon driven display allows for easy and intuitive control of the device, even with gloves on. Included is a 30-day integrated data logger which will automatically collect process information. The reader and SD card are supplied as a standard feature and can store data for several years. Simultaneously the various communication platforms simplifies exchanging and storing data from one device to another. There is also data output from RS 232, USB-host for external memory connection as well as a USB-device for a thermal printer or even a standard office printer. Another exceptional feature is connectivity via Ethernet interface (RJ 45 or WiFi) on the users’ network. Using a private IP address identification for the EVO unit also offers remote data collection or remote diagnostics from a BMT authorized service center. 
To provide the highest standards of performance, the EVO line has undergone long-term development and testing in preparation for the most demanding conditions " 
  • Volume: 22 (.8 ft3), 55 (2 ft3), 111 (4 ft3) liters (ft3) 
  • Working temperature: 5°C above ambient temperature up to 200°C 
  • Door window 
  • Integrated port for sensors etc. (40 mm / 1.6”) 
  • Inert gas connection 
  • Needle valve for fine dosing Pressure resistant inner chamber Safety valve-door VENTIFLEX 
  • Interior: stainless steel, mat. No. 1.4571 (AISI 316Ti) 
  • Controllers: EVO
  • Features

    EVO line 
  • 5.7 inch (14.5 cm) touch screen display 
  • Fuzzy logic enabled microprocessor for precise control of the process 
  • Intuitive control of the process setting via color icons 
  • Graphic display of the program process 
  • Clear visual display of the process course, data and cycles 
  • Protective thermostat, class 3 
  • Acoustic and visual alarms 
  • Multi-level users administration (corresponding to FDA 21 Part 11) 
  • Keyboard lock against unauthorized use 
  • Data encryption / non-manipulation (corresponding to FDA 21 Part 11) 
  • Up to 100 programs and up to 100 segments for each program 
  • 30 day data logger in graphic and numeric form 
  • On-line or off-line data export 
  • Prepared service programs for fast error diagnostics 
  • Easy service diagnostics including remote access 
  • Multi-language communication 
  • Direct printing of protocols in PDF format 
  • Easy user configuration of the device 
  • SD memory card, USB Host and RS 232 are included as standard features 
  • WIFI connection, USB device or Ethernet interface with own IP address for remote data transfer, control and diagnostics (optional equipment) 
  • Programming of ramps, real time and cycling 
  • Forced air fan control from 10–100% 
  • Main ON/OFF switch for security 
  • Device status provided with LED indicators 
  • Validation documentation IQ / OQ / DQ
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