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The HTA-3100 Auto sampler is a 15 position liquid auto sampler that can inject into one or two injection ports sequentially. The 3100 also has six solvent and one waste positions.


After setting the method parameters such as number and types of rinse, injection size and speed using the the included software, the keypad can be used for one touch operation. A simple, easy to use keypad lets you start your analysis just pushing the START button. All the samples in your rack will be automatically processed. 
HTA-3100 handles the most sophisticated sampling techniques: internal standard technique (also known as sandwich injection), multi-phase, ambient headspace, priority injection, nanoliter injection and much more. Parameters are easily programmable to optimize both the most convenient sampling method for extremely volatile or viscous samples and the best injection technique. Finally it can mount different types of syringes with volume from 0.5 to 100ul to cover the widest range of applications. 
Buck Also offers headspace and SPME autosampler configurations. Call or e-mail us today to discuss your application and determine which automated GC and HPLC system is best for you.


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