Thermo Scientific MSIA Microcolumns


MSIA Microcolumns

Next generation large molecule bio-analysis made easier by combining the Thermo Scientific™ innovative MSIA™ technology with Tecan advanced, robust and easy-to-use liquid handling. MSIA affinity microcolumns, designed for Freedom EVO platform (MCA 96 head), provide innovative enablement in the areas ranging from bio-analysis of therapeutic mAbs, antibody-drug conjugates (ADC), biotransformation [in-vivo modifications, drug-antibody ratio (DAR)], preclinical and clinical drug trials (PKPD, DMPK, and ADME) to biomarker and proteins analysis. This unique solution is designed to deliver the accuracy, reliability and automation you need to be successful.
MSIA Microcolumns
Additional Specifications Packaging Racked: 96 units/rack  
Storage Requirements: 4°C


  • Robust Automation: Simply program the Freedom EVO to elute the analyte from complex biological samples and let the automated platform carry the load 
  • Highly sensitive: Analyze proteins of interest down to femtomole level 
  • Enhanced characteristics: Detects multiple protein variants for qualitative and quantitative bio-analysis in a single assay 
  • Contaminant-free: proprietary molecular trapping microcolumn technology prevents matrix injection that would impact LC-MS function 
  • High signal-to-noise ratio: Innovative sample interface technology reduces matrix loss, reagent carryover and non-specific binding 
  • Time Savings: Microfluidic channels drive kinetic interactions significantly decreasing incubation time required to process the samples, while the MCA 96 head enables parallel processing of 96 samples 
  • Reproducible: Consistent performance for assay reproducibility 
  • Preserving samples: Small sample volumes (as low as 10ΜL) and a reduced requirement for repeating experiments 
  • MSIA Streptavidin EVO microcolumns provide end user flexibility to analyze their specific targets of interest
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