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Literature Lab is a data mining solution that uncovers associations other platforms cannot. Saves time investigating co-occurrences in the publication record. The Log of Product Frequency (LPF) removes volume bias, and along with Abstract Count, are utilized to explore pathway, disease, and intervention concurrence. This provides significant time-savings enabling researchers to view concomitant diseases, pathways across diseases, or chemical actions with diseases in literature searches. Ease-of-use interface allows the user to quickly access the resource literature behind all calculations. Identify genes involved in disease specific pathways quickly and easily by tapping into the Gene Thesaurus.


  • Explore Domain Concurrences in publications using Log of Product Frequency (LPF)   
  • LPF measures relative intensities of associations without volume bias   
  • Identify concomitant diseases and genes involved   
  • Identify pathways and diseases associated with chemicals, drugs, and substances
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    Literature Lab™, from Acumenta Biotech, is a unique platform for functional analysis of genetic data  through direct statistical mining of PubMed....

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