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The AniGARD® II Animal Transfer Station is a vertical flow recirculating air clean bench that provides ISO Class 5 protection by delivering HEPA-filtered air to the work surface. This lightweight, easily maneuverable cabinet features an ergonomically engineered, adjustable work surface and slanted viewscreen for increased worker comfort.

Permitting operator access on three sides, the AniGARD® II is designed to provide animal protection and particulate control during routine cage changing operations in the laboratory while maximizing productivity and flexibility.
Fume Hood Type Laminar Flow


  • Lightweight, compact design with casters and optional pull bar(s) provides for easy movement and maneuverability throughout the laboratory.
  • Low-profile unit (less than 73") fits through standard doorways and down laboratory aisles.
  • A 25' retractable power cord provides greater range of use without unplugging.
  • Three-sided work area permits access by multiple operators, facilitating team-based projects.
  • The 12" high access openings to the work area accommodate a variety of cage sizes; hinged viewscreen opens to 21" allowing greater visibility and access to work area.
  • Flat, spacious work surface allows cages to be pulled in and out quickly.


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