Drummond Scientific Portable Pipet-Aid® XP Pipette Controller


Portable Pipet-Aid® XP Pipette Controller

Specifically designed to minimize operator fatigue, the Portable Pipet-Aid XP is smaller and lightweight. It accepts most pipettes from 1 to 100 mL. 
Each pipette filler and pipet dispenser button has three speeds, (F) Fast, (M) Medium, (S) Slow. The medium speed is suitable for most routine techniques. Fast speed can deliver up to 50 mL in 5 seconds and can be used for rapid filling of large pipets or breaking up cell clumps. Slow speed is ideal when using small pipettes or when more precise delivery is required. A gravity drain model is available which substitutes a gravity drain (G) function for the fast (F) mode on the dispense button. 
The XP is powered by a 9 volt (Ni-MH) rechargeable battery. 
A Tissue Culture Nosepiece, which features a unique filter element, will cease to allow air to pass in either direction if it becomes wet, alerting the user to possible contamination of the rubber insert.
Portable Pipet-Aid® XP Pipette Controller
Channel(s) 1
Pipette Type Pipette Controller
Pipette Volume Type Variable
Additional Specifications Size: 5.5? 
Weight: 7.5 oz. 
Capacity: Accepts 1 to 100 mL pipets 
Battery: 9 Volt Ni-MH


  • The lightweight, compact Portable Pipet-Aid® 
  • Three-speed settings provide more precise control for use in the pipet filler mode and the pipette dispenser mode 
  • Easy access battery replacement 
  • EZ Grip nosepiece with double membrane filter 
  • Removable stand 
  • Holster-type wall bracket included
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