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AF2000 MultiFlow

The new Postnova AF2000 MultiFlow FFF Series was invented to become the first professional modular Flow FFF platform available. It is completely integrated by the NovaFFF single software platform which runs the entire system from autosampler to detectors. The AF2000 Series incorporates the combined solid know-how and the technologies from three decades of leadership in FFF. Due to it's unique design, the AF2000 MultiFlow platform offers more flexibility, higher robustness and better performance than any system before. The technology sets a new standard in the area of Flow FFF and marks a real break-through in FFF science and therefore naturally has become the leading Flow FFF solution for many scientists around the world.   
The AF2000 Series platform is based on the Flow FFF principle, using a crossflow field as driving force for the separation. The samples which are affected by this field are separated by their Dynamic Diffusion on the basis of the molar mass or particle size. The AF2000 can be run with different eluents, at various temperature conditions and is able to employ various channel dimensions and principles. The same system can be used for running planar Asymmetric Flow FFF (AF4) channels or circular HollowFiber Flow FFF (HF5) channels. Therefore the AF2000 MultiFlow can be easily used for separation of a broad range of different samples from the area of Biopharmaceuticals, Food-Agro-Cosmetics, Environmental, Chemicals and Nanotechnology. The MultiFlow FFF is ideal for the characterization of proteins, antibodies, aggregates, vaccines, liposomes, nanoparticles and natural or synthetic macromolecules. Because of its great flexibility, the AF2000 MultiFlow FFF can be employed as a Universal Separator for many kind of analyte systems and is a secure investment also for new upcoming samples and future project demands.


  • Professional Modular Platform   
  • Universal Flexible Separator   
  • Broad Separation Range   
  • Gentle Separation Conditions   
  • FOCUS Technology   
  • Advanced Flow FFF Detection   
  • Cross Flow System   
  • Flexibility & Interfaceability
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