Beckman Coulter Optima™ L-90 K


Optima™ L-90 K

Capable of generating 694,000 x g at speeds up to 90,000 rpm, the Optima L-90 K Ultracentrifuge enables you to perform more separations in less time. This versatile floor model operates with a broad range of superb rotors, including zonal and continuous flow for large-volume separations. The L-90 K offers the reliability of a vacuum-encased induction drive, the simplicity of user-friendly, microprocessor-based control, and environmentally-friendly cooling systems that eliminate the need for CFCs and other harmful liquid refrigerants. All this makes the L-90 K the right choice for your laboratory’s routine separation needs.

* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Optima™ L-90 K
Centrifuge Type Ultraspeed
Maximum RCF 694000 xg (Type 90 Ti)
Maximum Speed 90000 rpm
Noise Level < 57 dB
Orientation Floor Standing
Refrigerated Yes CFC-Free Thermoelectric
Depth 26.5 in
Height 47.5 in
Width 37 in
Weight 1025 lbs
Additional Specifications Speed control: ± 20 rpm of set speed   
Sample imbalance tolerance: ± 5 mL or 10% whichever is greater   
Drive cooling: Air-cooled   
Temperature control: ± 0.5°C of set   
Ambient operating range: 15°C to 40°C   
User-settable programs: 9 user programs, with delayed start capability   
Acceleration/Deceleration: rates 2 Accel/3 Decel   
Rotor Safety: DRIC (Dynamic Rotor Inertia Check) included   
Moisture-purging vacuum system: Yes   
Heat output: 1.0 kW/h (3,400 BTU/h)   
HEPA filter: Available



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this unit (LE-80K)runs fine with rotor Ti70, but on TI45 rotor I get "speed flashing" at 29000 rpm., the speed still continue to climb, I was able to clear it "CE". when the speed is at 39000rpm it show blinking everything (stop...

l-80 error d2.5

Hello,  Im getting a error of d2.5 and cant find anything that would tell me what this error is. Does anyone happen to know what this error is in reference to?

Beckman L-90K

Hi, I have a customer that is unable to get their L-90K to power on. They are plugging it into their wall socket and it won't power on, the on/off switch on the side will not stay in the power on position.  I have asked them to...

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