Hettich Universal 320


Universal 320

The UNIVERSAL 320 is high-performance multifunctional centrifuge enabling users to perform multiple applications in one compact footprint. Supports the Hettich Cyto-system for cytology. Features Run-Silent™ Operation, Easy-Lift™, Safety-Lock™ and the Hettich five (5) year warranty. Temperature control available. Application packages available
Universal 320
Centrifuge Type High Speed
Maximum RCF 21382 xg Hematocrit Rotor
Maximum Speed 15000 rpm
Orientation Benchtop
Refrigerated No_
Depth 17.2 in
Height 10.2 in
Width 14.5 in
Weight 50.7 lbs
Additional Specifications Locking: Automatic           
Max RPM Angled Rotor: 15,000 RPM, 21,382 RCF           
Max RPM Swingout Rotor: 5,000 RPM, 4,193 RCF           
Max RPM hematocrit Rotor: 15,000 RPM, 21,382



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Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co.KG (Hettich), located in Tuttlingen, Germany, is recognized as one of the top clinical & research centrifuge manufacturers...

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red led from lid indicator always on

hello! we have a universal 32r hettich centrifuges. the red led from the lid indicator is always open and a strange noise like a sparkplug is hearing. the centrifuge works good but we're afraid not electrocutate ourselves. any...


Does anybody knows what could be the cause of error message : SER I/O - ERROR 31 on Hettich Universal 320 ?

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