Micronic 1.40ml Sample Storage Tube with External Thread


1.40ml Sample Storage Tube with External Thread

The Micronic 1.40ml storage tube is available with a round or flat exterior tube bottom (see drawings below). Micronic 1.40ml round bottom tubes are proven to be an industry standard solution for many sample storage applications. The tubes provide an affordable way to improve your sample storage, handling and logistic processes. The 1.40ml tube with flat bottom is provided with a code surface that cannot be separated from the transparent tube due the unique 2K injection molding technique. As a result, tube codes can never wear or fall off. The 1.40ml tubes are standard available in the 96-well format Roborack, Comorack or Micronic 96-4 Rack.


  • Internal thread provides the most optimal sealing for storage at ultra-low temperatures   
  • Available Non-coded, Alphanumeric coded or with a unique 2D TraXis / Data-Matrix code (adhere to the ECC200 standard)   
  • Alphanumeric codes, 2D codes and 1D rack barcodes are permanently laser etched   
  • 2D barcodes also have a human-readable code   
  • 100% quality control on all 2D codes   
  • Available in bulk, refill, Roborack-96, Comorack-96 and Micronic 96-4 Rack (based on the global recognized ANSI / SLAS standards for storage racks)   
  • Black code surface cannot be separated from the transparent tube due to the unique 2K injection molding technique   
  • Class 7 clean room production   
  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free   
    Available options    
  • Amber tubes for light sensitive samples   
  • Sterile, gamma radiated (15 kGy Avg.) or EtO treated   
  • Snap tubes; tubes are locked into the rack wells to prevent sample loss from overturned racks   
  • Precapped with (Low Profile) Screw Cap or Push Cap   
  • Customized 2D Data-Matrix tube code and 1D rack barcode   
  • Micronic also offers an identification label for the 1.40ml tubes (round bottom) in Comorack. The label needs to be placed in the rack so that the information about the samples inside can be identified visually.
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