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NEW GENERATION LEDs The pE-4000 sets the standard as the universal illumination system for fluorescence microscopy. The system has 16 selectable LED wavelengths that can be matched to the filters and fluorophores of almost any microscope, making it the broadest spectrum of illumination available. For the user who wants consistency and ease of use with simple on/off and intensity buttons, the pE-4000 can be operated as a ‘White’ illumination system. For the user who wants total control over the excitation source to improve imaging, individual wavelengths settings can be selected and controlled in “Advanced” mode.


  • Broadest LED spectrum available: 365-770nm – match LED peaks to existing microscope filters 
  • Four channel wavelength-grouping design matches with all commercially available dual, triple, and quad filters 
  • Individual control of selected LED wavelengths – less background, no filter wheel or shutters 
  • Integrated with many imaging software packages - can be incorporated into all experimental parameters 
  • Instant on/off – no shutters required, no warm up or cool down 
  • Stable & repeatable – reliable and consistent results 
  • Wide range of Microscope Adaptors – fits most microscopes 
  • Precise intensity control in 1% steps (0-100%) – no ND filters required 
  • Excellent uniformity over field of view – fixed and stable, no alignment necessary 
  • Long lifetime – expected to exceed 25,000 hours of operating time
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    The company has specialised in fluorescence microscopy since it introduced the first commercially available LED illumination system in 2004. LEDs...

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