Waters ACQUITY UPLC Process Sample Manager


ACQUITY UPLC Process Sample Manager

The ACQUITY UPLC Process Sample Manager provides access to Process Analytical Technology (PAT), a key mechanism for use by process development groups in gaining a better understanding of their processes. 
  • Both online and atline functionality for streamlined process development and production workflow 
  • Sample dilution capabilities reduce manual steps and reduce errors 
  • Barcode-driven operational automation capabilities 
  • Complete and automatic tracking and traceability of results 
  • Programmed recording of sample information and results to DCS/LIMS  


Bring full analytical automation to your process development 
The ACQUITY UPLC Process Sample Manager (PSM) gives process development engineers a better understanding of their processes, automating both atline and online sample analyses, with minimal intervention. 
The automation brought to process sample analysis by the ACQUITY UPLC PSM streamlines workflow and assures analytical consistency, reducing the number of tedious and error-prone steps in the analysis. 
Real-TIME LC analyses 
When integrated into your PATROL UPLC or ACQUITY UPLC system, get unattended, real-time, multipoint reaction monitoring or purification fraction analysis. The ACQUITY UPLC PSM can draw and analyze samples directly from batch reactors, flow reactors, bioreactors, or even purification columns. 
It keeps working - even when you're not 
This unattended operation for continuous reaction sampling, analysis, and reporting of results means your process can by accurately tracked at specified time points, 24/7, with no need for manual intervention. Reduce the risk of making incorrect assumptions about your reaction – assumptions that can result in unnecessary process time, wasted materials, reduced yield, and increased impurities. 
Enhanced automation for atline workflows 
Samples, standards, and control required for in-process analysis are placed into the ACQUITY UPLC PSM through an access-restricted door, and multiple injections can be made from any vial. 
With unique barcode reading capability, all information about a sample is tracked, from the time it is introduced to the ACQUITY UPLC PSM and analyzed, to its authorized removal. This ensures that the traceability of and access to precious or controlled substance samples can be restricted to authorized users. 
And, loading samples is as easy as pushing a button. 
Reduce analyst-to-analyst variability 
The ACQUITY UPLC PSM’s advanced fluidics, with unique static dynamic mixing, produce accurate and precise dilutions. Samples can be automatically diluted – aliquots of samples can be diluted in increments of 0.1 at any ratio, up to 1:100 – removing from your workflow the variability and time delay typically associated with manual sample dilution. These programmable dilutions also eliminate additional standard preparation steps and reduce the overall variability in the generation of calibration curves. 
Where it fits 
The ACQUITY UPLC PSM is the core of the PATROL UPLC Process Analysis System. It can also be added into any existing ACQUITY UPLC, ACQUITY UPLC H-Class, or ACQUITY UPLC H-Class Bio System currently used in your laboratory.


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