The new MacroRAM™ Raman spectrometer brings simplicity to Raman measurements without compromising the ability to handle even the most complex samples. Its compact and robust design, including Class 1* laser safety means it's safe for use in most environments, from undergraduate teaching labs to industrial QC applications.
Depth 17 in
Height 15 in
Width 17 in
Weight 45 lbs
Additional Specifications Laser Wavelength   
785 nm   
Laser Power   
up to 450mW (continuously variable under software control)   
Spectral Range   
100 to 3400 cm-1, (optional -1700 cm-1 to 1700 cm for Anti Stokes model)   
Spectral Resolution   
6 cm-1 at 900 nm (Stokes)   
Back thinned CCD, Cooled to -50 oC, 80% QE at 800nm   
CCD Dark Current   
0.05 e- /pixel/second (-50°C)   
Dynamic Range   
Fiber Ports   
Core diameter 100µm, female FC/PC termination on housing   
Fiber Ports (Numeral Aperture)   
Class 1B laser safety. Fully interlocked sample compartment with remote key switch to activate external laser output port.*   
Sample Handling, Internal   
Cuvette and solid sample holders (standard), Other accessories available   
Sample Handling, External   
Optional fiber probe for various external samples


Best in Class Sensitivity   
The MacroRAM is based on a 120 mm focal length spectrograph with a single aberration corrected concave grating with a flat field output. The probe head has the highest quality Raman filters and designed to optimize signal collection. Together with HORIBA's back-thinned scientific CCD cooled to -50°C the MacroRAM offers best in class sensitivity in an affordable package.    
Versatile Design   
The MacroRAM includes a standard interlocked sample compartment for operator safety and holders for cuvette based liquid measurements as well as a solid sample holder. A thermostated cuvette holder is also available for temperature controlled measurements. Furthermore, a fiber port comes standard for probe based Raman measurement outside of the sample compartment to accommodate larger or irregularly shaped samples and immersion probes.    
Compact and Rugged   
With a foot print of just 17 x 17 inches, the MacroRAM is compact and fits on most lab bench spaces. With a fiberbased internal optical design, it has the robustness and portability to be moved between measurements and still be accurate.   
Industry Leading LabSpec Software   
The MacroRAM benefits from HORIBA's full-featured industry leading LabSpec 6 software which presents a simple and intuitive interface enabling logical work flow through experiments. LabSpec’s intuitive interface overlays a powerful Raman engine with the most sophisticated data analysis and visualization tools including multivariate analysis and database searching.    
Simple and Safe   
The MacroRAM includes a USB port which means it is easy to install and use. In fact, it works right out of the box! So collecting Raman data is as simple as plugging in the power cord, connecting the USB cable to the computer and running LabSpec software! Furthermore, the MacroRAM includes an interlocked sample compartment so that the user is never exposed to the laser, making it a Class 1* instrument and safe for use in most environments – from the undergraduate lab to the factory floor.   
Beyond Basic Raman: Stokes and AntiStokes*   
Sometimes you need to analyze more than just Stokes spectra. MacroRAM lets you measure anti-Stokes shift, for more complete information about your samples.   
* The anti-stokes model is optional


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