Denton Vacuum DV-502



A flexible, high vacuum evaporation of sputtering system with rapid cycle times equipped for a wide range of applications   
  • Rotary Shadowing for Metals & Carbon   
  • Metal & Dieletric Films   
  • Recipe Development   
  • Small Scale Production   
  • Forensic Analysis   
  • Failure Analysis   
  • Quality Assurance
  • Features

  • High Vaccum Gate Valve for Rapid Cycling   
  • Diffusion or Turbomolecular Pump Options   
  • Dedicated Sputtering or Evaporation Capability   
  • Integrated Thickness Monitors and Controllers   
  • AC Glow for Sample Cleaning   
  • Base Vacuum in the 106 Scale   
  • 6” (150 mm) Diameter Substrate Size
  • Photos

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    Denton Vacuum has earned its internationally-renowned reputation for providing high-quality, state-of-the-art thin film technology. Denton Vacuum serves...

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    Need Tips for Repairs

    I accidentally opened the "Rough" switch and "Back" switch simultaneously. My DV-502A no longer has a functioning hi-vacuum pump; it stops at 50 mTorr. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Denton Vacuum DV-502

    The 12 in. dia. x 12 in. H quartz bell jar for our Denton Vacuum is cracked. Is there anyone with one of these to sell?

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