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Unparalleled versatility                              
Featuring powerful, maintenance-free motors, these models accommodate a variety of rotors to meet your application needs. They are three centrifuges in one: a high-capacity, general-purpose centrifuge for cell harvesting; a high-speed centrifuge for separating cell lysates; and a microcentrifuge for DNA precipitations.                              
Model 5810 and refrigerated Model 5810 R* offer maximum application versatility and popular tube capacity, accommodating up to 4 x 400 ml tubes or 16 microplates. These compact, benchtop centrifuges achieve remarkable throughput of up to 48 x 15 ml or 20 x 50 ml conical (Falcon®) tubes.                              
* U.S. Pat. 5,496,254                              
Falcon® is registered trade mark of Becton Dickinson.



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Centrifuge Type General Purpose
Maximum RCF 20800 xg
Maximum Speed 14000 rpm
Orientation Benchtop
Refrigerated No_
Speed Range 200 to 14000 rpm (10 rpm increments)
Depth 24 in
Height 13 in
Width 21 in
Power Requirements 120 V/60 Hz, 230 V/50 Hz, 900 W
Weight 150 lbs
5810 R

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Centrifuge Type General Purpose
Maximum RCF 20800 xg
Maximum Speed 14000 rpm
Orientation Benchtop
Refrigerated Yes_
Speed Range 200 to 14000 rpm
Depth 24 in
Height 13 in
Width 28 in
Power Requirements 120 V/60 Hz, 230 V/50 Hz, 1,650 W
Weight 218 lbs


Eppendorf Centrifuge Model 5810 / Refrigerated Model 5810 R                              
Product features                              
  • Interchangeable swingbucket and high-speed fixedangle rotors                              
  • Spin up to 14,000 rpm, or 20,800 x g                              
  • Low-profile 11.2 in/28 cm access height for easy sample loading                              
  • Automatic rotor recognition senses rotor type to set maximum allowable speed—ensures safety                              
  • Fast, simple programming of time, temperature (refrigerated models), speed/ g-force and radius value                              
    o 34 user-defined programs                              
    o Adjustable-speed Short Spin button                              
    o Ten acceleration and braking rates                              
Simple operation                              
  • Speed, g-force and radius correction values can be entered                              
  • Values can be changed during centrifugation                              
  • Temperature range from –9 °C to 40°C, with Fast Temp function for rapid cooling of the centrifuge chamber*                              
  • Standby cooling* maintains temperature when not in use                              
  • Speed can be set from 200 rpm to maximum speed in increments of 10 rpm                              
  • Short Spin button                              
  • Selectable program memory for up to 34 individual user programs                              
  • Ten acceleration and deceleration rates for sensitive sample material                              
* Refrigerated Centrifuges 5804 R and 5810 R only; 5810 R U.S. Pat. 5,496,254


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replaced main board now getting imbalance error

compressor kick on causes reboot

Have this problem now on 2 models; 5810r and 5702r. Centrifuges work fine as long as temp. is set above ambient. As soon as temp is set to cool there is an audible click and machine restarts.  Why is it that no one knows how to fix the...

imbalance pcb

Hi friends, I would like to know how expensive it can be to change the motor mountings and the imbalance pcv magneto calibration, from this centrifuge?

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