Agilent Technologies JetClean Self-Cleaning Ion Source


JetClean Self-Cleaning Ion Source

Agilent’s JetClean self-cleaning ion source eliminates matrix deposits from the ion source of single or triple quad GC/MS systems without manual interaction. The patented JetClean utilizes carefully controlled hydrogen flow to maintain performance, and significantly extends the maintenance free time periods.


  • Reduces manual source cleaning frequency: The JetClean self-cleaning ion source significantly extends maintenance free operation periods. Manual cleaning frequency reduced by 80% or more, depending on applications. 
  • Increases productivity: Time spent for venting, disassembly, cleaning, reassembly and retune of the instruments is greatly reduced, even eliminated, freeing up both instrument time and required operator expertise 
  • Convenience: JetClean operations can be automatically activated at the user desired timed, without human interaction and utilizing idle periods at otherwise inconvenient time of the day, such as 2AM on a Sunday. 
  • Clean only (batch mode) or Acquire and Clean (concurrent mode) of operation: The JetClean process can be executed two ways. For general application the Batch mode is recommended. Specific applications can be performed also in the concurrent mode of operation 
  • Low cost: The operation of JetClean self-cleaning ion source is supported by very low consumption of H2. Hydrogen can be provided by multiple ways, including from lecture bottles. 
  • MassHunter Software: All JetClean operations are controlled by Agilent’s MassHunter Software. The SW allows easy access to acquisition control, method development, qualitative and quantitative analysis and reporting 
  • Availability: The JetClean self-cleaning ion source is available on the 5977B, 7000C and 7010 GC/MS systems
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