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BioPharmaView™ Software

Simplifying the processing of biotherapeutic data for characterization and comparability can dramatically improve productivity. BioPharmaView software accelerates characterization and comparability studies and simplifies reporting, so you can make better decisions, faster. 
Gain a comprehensive view by analyzing intact protein or protease digested forms in reduced or non-reduced states from both LC-MS and CESI-MS workflows performed on TripleTOF® accurate mass systems. Now with the ability to process data-independent SWATH® Acquisition analyses. BioPharmaView Software enables you to quickly identify differences from site-to-site and from lot-to-lot, even with large datasets. The software’s automated calculation of key attributes like DAR, PTM ratio and disulfide bond location helps you rapidly turn your data into answers.


Simplified processing setup 
  • Getting started is easy with intuitive main window 
  • Define the biotherapeutic sequence and choose from common post-translation modifications of interest 
  • Rapid processing (e.g., clone screening) 
  • Easily add custom modifications like proprietary linkers and drug conjugates 
    Rapid and Accurate Protein Deconvolution of Intact Protein or Subunit Data 
  • Protein deconvolution in seconds 
  • Protein form matching and automated ratio calculations for PTMs, including glycosylation 
  • Automated drug to antibody ratio (DAR) calculations for antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) 
  • Ability to save and use batch processing parameters 
  • Multi-pane view allows you to see processed and raw data from multiple samples side by side 
    Simplify Complex Peptide Mapping Analyses 
  • Significantly faster peptide mapping data processing speed 
  • Process IDA or SWATH® Acquisition data 
  • Comprehensive list of identified peptides and modifications 
  • Visualize peptide mapping sequence coverage 
  • Direct visualization of raw MS level data and annotated high-resolution MS/MS data 
  • Automated PTM ratio calculations 
  • Automated disulfide bond localization 
  • Incorporation of UV data viewing 
    Comprehensive Reporting 
  • Reports available in multiple output formats 
  • Show products that passed or failed your customized flagging criteria 
  • Easily transfer processed data exports to electronic notebook applications
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