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MDF-C8V1 ultra-low temperature freezer maintains internal temperatures as low as -80°C. All models use the uniquely designed compressors for ultra-low temperature applications. Manufactured with VIP® PLUS™ insulation, they are ideally suited for use in laboratories and hospitals for long-term preservation and storage of blood, specimens and components, as well as materials testing. Advanced features include VIP PLUS™ technology, a microprocessor based temperature control system with LED digital temperature display, a platinum resistance temperature sensor for extra precision and reliability, a power failure warning system with built-in audible and visible indicators, filterless refrigeration circuit, and temperature alarm.        
  • Outstanding Reliability and Performance        
  • Application Specific Ultra Low Temperature Compressor        
  • Ideal -80°C freezing environment using new VIP® PLUS™ insulation technology maximizes storage capacity        
  • Newly developed single-compressor system achieves higher energy efficiency and space saving construction        
  • Convenient maintenance with filterless structure that makes filter cleaning unnecessary        
  • Microprocessor temperature control with digital input for precise setting and control        
  • Built-in audible and visible temperature and power failure alarms        
Freezer Orientation Chest
Freezer Type Ultra-Low Temperature
Internal Depth 19.3 in
Internal Height 16.9 in
Internal Width 15.9 in
Freezer Temperature Range -60 to -80 °C (-1°C increments)
Minimum Temperature -80 °C
Freezer Capacity 3 cu. ft.
Depth 27 in
Height 37.2 in
Width 21.6 in
Additional Specifications Maximum cooling performance: -80°C (Ambient temp. 30°C)        
Net weight: Approx. 67kg(148 lbs.)        
Storage capacity:         
2"Box: 42pcs. (SCR-072 x 6 racks)        
3" Box: 30 pcs.        
Outer door/Inner door:         
Outer Lid: 1 piece        
Inner Lid: 1 piece        
Insulation: New VIP Plus™ Rigid polyurethane foam (HC)        
Cooling system: 115V / 60 Hz / 1 Phase NEMA 5-15P Plug        
Compressor: Rotary type        
Refrigerant: HFC        
Evaporator: Tube on sheet type        
Alarm system:         
High/Low temp, alarm (±5 °C to ± 20 °C)        
Power failure alarm        
Remote alarm contact DC30V, 2A (N.O/N.C)        
Optional Accessories:         
LC02 Back-up System        
Inventory Rack (SCR-072-1, SCR-053-1)        
Back-up system mounting kit (MDF-UBK)        
Temperature Recorder (MTR-C954)


  • Rechargeable Battery         
  • CFC Free         
  • Automatic Alarm System         
  • CPU and Touch Pad         
  • LCD Digital Display         
  • Energy         
  • Service         
  • Insulated Inner Doors         
  • Power Failure Alarm         
  • Quiet, Reliable Compressor         
  • VIP Vacuum Insulation Panel         
  • Air Filter         
  • Cascade Cooling System         
  • Remote Alarm         
  • Product Brochure (976.28 KB) SANYO Product Guide (2.76 MB) Storage Rack Brochure (1.43 MB)         


  • MDF-C8V1

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