Beckman Coulter PrepPlus 2 Workstation


PrepPlus 2 Workstation

Precise pipetting of reagents, patient samples, controls and fluorospheres into daughter tubes of both the XL-MCL and FC500 Carousels with lysing automatically performed on the TQ-Prep.


Standardize and enhance your entire flow cytometry process with complementary sample prep systems from Beckman Coulter 
Automate your sample prep process when you connect your PrepPlus 2 workstation to the TQ-Prep. 
Increase efficiency and throughput in you lab with the PrepPlus 2 workstation. 
  • Enhanced precision through automated processing 
  • Increased throughput (up-to 90 daughter tubes per hour) 
  • Flexible programming of reagents, controls and pipetting parameters 
  • Sample flexibility for whole blood or body fluid runs 
  • Onboard carousel sample mix at end of run 
  • Flex-start position for primary sample tube at position 1 or 13 (front or back sample rack) 
  • Additional open vial position for multiple size tubes 
  • Improved safety with closed tube sampling from a wide range of primary vendor specimen collection tubes 
  • Whole blood cell suspensions maintained with rotating specimen rack 


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Beckman Coulter PrepPlus 2 Workstation overall dimensions

To whom it may  concern, I am working on a hospital layout and need to know the overall Width, Depth and Height of Beckman Coulter PrepPlus 2 Workstation. Thanks ...

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