Kinematica POLYMIX® PX-MT



POLYMIX® PX-MT (Medium-throughput) stirrer for simple and efficient homogemising applications, includes the drive with a light and well readable LCD-Display showing speed, actual number of rotations, torque and remaining time of processing. The stirrer is supplied with a mortar from borosilicate glass and suitable pestle from PTFE with stainless steel jar, drive holder, vessel holder and ST-P 20/600 stand.
Stirring Speed Range 50 to 2000 min-1
Depth 80 mm
Height 196 mm
Width 230 mm
Weight 3 kg
Additional Specifications Application volume (ml) max (water) 
40 000 ml 
Motor input power (W) 
190 W 
supply voltage (V) 
230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz 
supply voltage (V) 
110 - 120 V ± 10%, 60 Hz 
Speed display (digital / scale) 
Display LCD 
Relative humidity max. (%) Storage 
80 % 
Relative humidity max. (%) Operating 
80 % 
Operating ambient temperature (° C) 
0 - 40 
Protection class according to DIN (IP) 
IP 40 
Viscosity cP accuracy + / -1% of measuring range 
up to 50,000 mPa·s


  • electronic speed control from 50 up to 2000 min-1 
  • working volume - up to 40 liter (water) 
  • max. torque - 80 Ncm 
  • suitable for liquids with viscosity up to 50‘000 mPa*s 
  • chuck can be fixed with only one hand - without tools
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    Kinematica was founded in the early 1950’s by Professor Willems in Switzerland to manufacture his new found rotor/stator technology for homogenizing all...

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