Glas-Col Series TM StirMantle


Series TM StirMantle

The StirMantle adds electromagnetic stirring capability (50-750 rpm) to the Series TM heating mantle for spherical flasks. Heating and stirring are independent; choose either or both. Speed is easily adjusted by a single dial on the StirControl II (ordered seperately). 
The StirControl II creates and synchronizes the magnetic field. When restarting , (as for removal and reinsertion of the flask). Glas-Col's exclusive "Synchrostart" feature maintains linkage between the field and the bar. The StirControll II connects to the StirMantle by cord, so it may be placed outside corrosive hood atmospheres and is easily accessible.
Series TM StirMantle
Additional Specifications Complete System 
One StirMantle, one StirControl II, connecting Cords, 
and stir bar. Completely grounded and fused. 
StirMantle Only (Required) 
With connecting cords. 
StirControl II Only 
LED relative field speed indication, lighted on/off power switch, fuse protection, 3-wire load receptacle, 3-wire line cord, and molded plug. Receptacle on front for operating 2 units at a time.



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