PERSEE PF7 Heavy Metal Analyzer


PF7 Heavy Metal Analyzer

In the analytical instrument industry, Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer (AFS) is a type of trace element analysis instrument, combining advantages of atomic absorption spectrometer and atomic emission spectrometer, but overcoming many of the shortcomings of each approach.        
This instrument features good accuracy, high sensitivity, simple structure, small volume and easy operation. It is designed to test elements that could easily form hydride, gaseous constituents, or deoxidize to atomic vapor, list like Arsenic(As), Mercury(Hg), Cadmium(Cd),Germanium(Ge), Selenium(Se), Lead(Pb), Bismuth(Bi), Tellurium(Ti), Tin(Sn), Zinc(Zn), Antimony(Sb) elements.        
The automated PF7 is an ideal instrument for elemental analysis in various market and research industries including: Environment and Water, Agricultural, Public health, Pharmaceutical, Metallurgical, Food and beverage, Clinical, Geological, Petrochemical, and more.
PF7 Heavy Metal Analyzer
Depth 57 cm
Height 60 cm
Width 45 cm
Power Requirements 100 - 240V 50Hz/60Hz 300VA
Weight 35 kg
Additional Specifications Atomiser     
Quartz furnace tube with auto ignition      
Furnace Heating     
Computer controlled heating     
Hydride Generator     
Continuous flow high performance for cold vapour Mercury and hydride determination of As, Se, Te, Bi, Sb, Sn, Zn, Pb, Cd, Ge     
Gas Requirement     
High purity Argon gas (99.99%) 30psi     
Exhaust System     
2 stage filtration to decontaminate pollutants     
Sample and Delivery     
Carrier and Reagent Delivery     
Gas pressure driven system     
Gas/Liquid Separator     
High efficiency gas/liquid separator with magnetic stirring and Peltier cooling     
Optical Design     
Short focal length non-dispersive double beam     
Light source     
3 channel simultaneous element analysis using computer controlled modulated and pulsed hollow cathode source     
Baseline Stability     
Operating System     
USB, RS232     
Operating Software     
PFWin software     
Gas alarm for low pressure and flow


  • Pre-aligned whole system for the perfect running condition, plug and play.       
  • Up to 3 lamps can be installed for simultaneous analysis, high efficiency.       
  • Fully sealed reagent system, inorganic and organic waste disposeseparately, build-in toxic elements trap devices, green laboratory, care for the health.       
  • Gas-driven flow system without consumable parts, auto purge, chemical resistant FEP tubing, easy to maintenance/ maintenance free       
  • Auto sampler, auto dilution, auto optimized, data coded lamps, high grade automation/intelligent.       
  • Double beam optical system to eliminate drift       
  • New design Gas Liquid Separator with magnetic stirring and Peltier system for improved repeatability of analytical results and high sensitivity.       
  • Easy to upgrade to Speciation system, compatible with multi brand HPLC pump.
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