PERSEE SA7 Speciation Analyzer


SA7 Speciation Analyzer

In the analytical instrument industry, Speciation analyzer is a type of trace element analysis instrument, combining advantages of HPLC separation system (isocratic system or gradient system) and atomic fluorescence spectrometer, to identify and accurately quantify the chemical speciation of Arsenic, Mercury, Selenium, Antimony and other elements.    
The automated SA7 is an ideal instrument for different speciation elemental analysis in various market and research industries including: Environment and Water, Agricultural, Public health, Pharmaceutical, Metallurgical, Food and Beverage, Cosmetic, Soil and Fertilizer, Clinical, Geological, Teaching and Research, and more.


  • Pre-aligned whole system for the perfect running condition, plug and play.   
  • HPLC-AFS combination technology.   
  • Fully sealed reagent system, inorganic and organic waste disposeseparately, build-in toxic elements trap devices, green laboratory, care for the health.   
  • Gas-driven flow system without consumable parts, auto purge, chemical resistant FEP tubing, easy to maintenance/ maintenance free   
  • High intensity quartz digestion device.   
  • Double beam optical system to eliminate drift   
  • New design Gas Liquid Separator with magnetic stirring and Peltier system for improved repeatability of analytical results and high sensitivity.   
  • Compatible with multi brand HPLC pump.
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