PERSEE T6V Vis Spectrophotometer


T6V Vis Spectrophotometer

Designed for accuracy and performance in a compact design the T6V Vis Spectrometers offer wavelength accuracy as low as +/- 2 nm combined with low stray light of less than 0.1%T. With a focus on reliability in a compact footprint, Persee’s entry level Spectrometers set a new bar for value and capability. The T6V starts at $1999.     
Today, customers in the agricultural, environmental, and food & beverage industries require more accurate and reliable analysis than ever before. Requirements call for these measurement systems to be used more often in more locations… all on tighter budgets. Persee delivers the capabilities required and all the options and services at such value that customers can get months of consumables or additional instrumentation within their budget without sacrificing performance.
T6V Vis Spectrophotometer
Light Source Tungsten
Optics Split Beam
Photodetector Photodiode Dual
Stray Light 0.1%T
Wavelength Range 325 to 1100 nm ;+/- 2 nm


  • Low stray light     
  • Excellent stability     
  • Incredible value
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