PERSEE T7/T7S UV/Vis Spectrophotometer


T7/T7S UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

T7/T7S is a high performance split beam scanning spectrophotometer available with variable spectral bandwidth, which is innovative in terms of instrument application, mechanical and optical design. Electronic control and software enable this while maintaining features that are well established and accepted through the industry.       
T7/T7S is able to carry out photometric measurements, spectrum scans, quantitative determinations and DNA/protein analysis. When interfaced to a PC using the UV-Win software, many more features are available including three-dimensional spectrum, kinetic measurements, method and data storage, exportation of data in multiple formats and GLP administration features.
T7/T7S UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
Light Source Tungsten Halogen and Deuterium arc lamps
Optics Split Beam Ratio
Photometric Noise 0.001A (500 nm) ; 30 min warm-up
Photometric Range -0.3-3Abs
Scanning Speed Selectable
Stray Light ?0.12%T (220 nm NaI, 340 nm NaNO2)
Wavelength Range 190 to 1100 nm ; +/-0.3 nm
Depth 420 mm
Height 520 mm
Width 230 mm
Weight 25 kg
Additional Specifications Wavelength reproducibility       
?0.2 nm       
Spectral bandwidth       
T7: 2nm        
T7S: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 nm       
Photometric mode       
Transmittance, Absorbance, Energy Concentration       
Photometric accuracy       
0.002A (0-0.5A), 0.004A (0.5-1A), 0.3%T (0-100%T)       
Photometric reproducibility       
00.001A (0-0.5A), 0.002A (0.5-1A), 0.15%T (0-100%T)       
Baseline flatness       
0.002A (200-1000 nm)       
Baseline Stability       
0.001A/h (500nm, 0 Abs), 2 hr warm-up       
Standand functionality       
Photometric, Quantitative, Spectrum and DNA measurements        
Cell Holder       
Automatic 8 cell changer       
Silicon photo diode       
Digital LCD display       
PC interface       
Software support       
Local and UV Win       
Power supply       
Switch mode 120-230VAC 50-60Hz


  • High performance variable spectral bandwidth       
  • Wavelength accuracy +/- 0.3 nm       
  • Supplied with a motorized 8 cell changer and pre-aligned Tungsten and Deuterium lamps       
  • Additional accessories for multi application       
  • High degree of automation requiring minimal key depressions to start analysis
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