PERSEE M7 Single Quadrupole GCMS


M7 Single Quadrupole GCMS

The M7 is an accurate, reliable and precise system which is suitable to both routine analysis and precision research applications. It can work with different manufacturers’ GC systems.   
The M7 MS can be widely used in food safety, environmental protection, material chemical industry, life science, medicinal research, criminal investigation and many other fields. These applications benefit from its high performance, long service life, and PERSEE’s stron after-sales service.
M7 Single Quadrupole GCMS
Additional Specifications GC&MS Interface   
Capillary direct interface, independent temperature control, 50-300 degrees C   
Dual for EI, maximum emitting current 300uA   
Ionization energy   
10-100eV adjustable   
Ion Source Temperature   
Independent temperature control, maximum 350 degrees C, adjustable   
Mass Analyzer   
High precision metal Molybdenum Quadrupole with pre-quadrupole   
Backing pump   
Mechanical pump, geometric pumping speed 165L/min   
Turbo pump   
Turbo molecular pump, pumping speed 71L/s, 260L/s optional   
Electron multiplier   
Mass range   
Mass accuracy   
Resolution (R)   
Unit mass resolution   
Signal to Noise Ratio (E)   
1 pg OFN ful scanning, ? 150:1 RMS at m/z 272   
100 fg OFN selection ion scanning, ? 150:1 RMS at m/z 272   
Mass Stability   
+/- 0.1u/48h   
Maximum scanning speed   


  • User-friendly design makes the maintenance much easier   
  • Compatible with different brand and model GC system   
  • The powerful GCMS workstation is intuitive, simple and easy to operate. The unique remote control function enables powerful technical support    
  • Competitive price and maintenance cost
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