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The advanced BIOSTAT® STR Control Tower is equipped with all necessary measurement and control hardware, including pumps and gassing systems. Its highly flexible gassing strategy transforms your single-purpose facility in a multi-purpose facility and offers the user all necessary tools for advanced optimization of your cultivation process. 
  • Advanced feedback control with single-use and/or electrochemical pH and DO sensors 
  • State-of-the-art flexibility via an aeration system consisting of 6 independent gassing lines 
  • Up to 6 mass flow controllers 
  • Convenient process visualization via 6 parameter trend display 
  • Safety shut down control for overheating and overpressure 
  • Direct pressure measurement and single use exhaust cooler for overpressure protection 
  • Communication with supervisory and control computer via Ethernet connection possible 
  • Password protection for all process critical parameters Independent control for up to two single-use vessels 
    These features as well as its design which is completely based on classical bioreactors make your BIOSTAT® STR system the perfect tool for true optimization and upscaling.
  • Features

  • Complete single-use bioreactor with a conventional bioreactor design 
  • Intuitive touch screen for easy operation 
  • Available as single and twin version 
  • Up to five addition pumps per single-use vessel 
  • Integrated 4-gas mixing system for efficient oxygen transfer and CO2 stripping 
  • 6 independently controlled gassing lines 
  • Ideal for high-end applications with complete flexibility and control 
  • Fully equipped single-use bag including standard spargers and impellers 
  • SCADA Software BioPAT® MFCS/DA included
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