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Synthetic sgRNA

Achieve 90% editing efficiency with the highest quality synthetic sgRNA in the market. Synthego is the first company to deliver a full length 100-mer synthetic sgRNA product at a practical price and scale.   
Unlike previously available synthetic sgRNA solutions that are expensive and can take weeks before transfection readiness, CRISPRevolution synthetic sgRNA arrives ready for transfection in 3 to 5 days at 5x lower cost.


CRISPRevolution sgRNA is not only a critical component for CRISPR therapeutics, but also essential for applications where high purity at a reasonable cost is important.   
No need to anneal crRNA:tracrRNA   
Higher efficiency and reduced lab time   
Better in vivo stability   
Protection against intracellular exonucleases   
100% DNA-free   
No risk of integrating foreign DNA into cell line   
A single oligonucleotide   
Ready for transfection out-of-the box   
Highly scalable for large numbers of experiments


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Founded by former SpaceX engineers, Synthego is a leading provider of genome engineering solutions. The company’s flagship product, CRISPRevolution,...

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