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Protein-Pak Columns

Protein-Pak LC Columns contain either well-performing silica or methacrylate-based, ion-exchange, size-exclusion, and hydrophobic interaction, and affinity column chemistries for the separation, lab-scale purification, and characterization of proteins and other biomolecules.   
The Protein-Pak HPLC and UPLC Column family includes:   
  • Hi Res HIC columns   
  • Hi Res ion-exchange (IEX) columns   
  • Ion-exchange glass columns   
  • Affinity epoxy-activated columns
  • Features

    Protein-Pak Hi Res Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) Column and HIC Protein Standard   
    Protein-Pak Hi Res HIC Columns contain non-porous, polymethacrylate-based particles (2.5 Μm) functionalized with a butyl ligand coating and are well suited for the characterization of proteins and biotherapeutics including monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and antibody drug conjugates (ADC).   
  • Ideally suited for hydrophobic-based separations for protein characterization using non-denaturing conditions.   
  • Help deliver fast, efficient separations using non-porous particles to address high-throughput needs.   
  • Shipped with Waters HIC Protein Test Standard to help test for acceptable instrument and HIC column performance.   
  • Successfully used for the analysis of cysteine-based ADCs.   
    Protein-Pak Hi Res Ion-Exchange (IEX) Columns   
    Protein-Pak Hi Res IEX Columns were developed to assist in the characterization of recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and other biological compounds. The non-porous, high compound binding capacity of these particles yields outstanding resolution of charged species in less time compared to use of many traditional porous IEX offerings. In addition, quality control testing with defined protein standards helps ensure consistent batch-to-batch performance.   
  • Designed for the characterization of protein charge variants and other biocompounds.   
  • Two cation-exchangers (carboxymethyl and sulfopropyl) and one anion exchanger (quaternary ammonium) that address selectivity needs.   
  • Non-porous, high-capacity stationary phases deliver fast separations that address high-throughput needs.   
  • QC tested with protein standards to ensure batch-to- batch consistency.   
  • eCord-enabled to help monitor column use on ACQUITY UPLC Systems.   
    Protein-Pak HR Ion-Exchange Glass Columns   
    Protein-Pak HR packing materials are based on rigid, hydrophilic, polymethacrylate particles with large 1000 Å pores. The naturally hydrophilic polymer reduces non-specific adsorption, resulting in quantitative recovery of protein mass and bioactivity. These packings are compatible with buffers in the pH range 2-12, and will withstand exposure to caustic solutions.   
    Protein-Pak HR ion exchangers are available with a:   
  • Q functional group, a strong anion exchanger   
  • DEAE, a weak anion exchanger   
  • SP a strong cation exchanger   
  • CM, a weak cation exchanger   
    The Protein-Pak HR 8 µm and 15 µm packing materials are available prepacked in Waters Advanced Purification (AP) glass columns. These columns are compatible with a variety of analytical and preparative LC instrumentation.   
    Protein-Pak Size-Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) Columns   
    Protein-Pak packings are based on a 10 Μm diol-bonded silica and are available in a variety of pore sizes and column configurations. The Protein-Pak SEC Columns:   
  • Resolve proteins that differ in molecular weight by a factor of two   
  • Distinguish proteins differing by as little as 15% in molecular weight   
    The degree of resolution is more dependent on the sample mass and volume than the interaction between the sample and the stationary phase. Ideally, there should be no interaction between the stationary phase and the sample molecules. Potential interactions are reduced by adding salts in the 0.1–0.3 M concentration range.   
    Affinity Epoxy-Activated Columns   
    Protein-Pak affinity epoxy-activated packing consists of 40 µm, 500Å pore size particles that have a hydrophilic bonding layer with a glycidoxypropyl functionality, resulting in a seven atom spacer arm. The epoxy-activated surface can immobilize a wide range of ligands via a covalent linkage with amino, hydroxyl or sulfhydryl groups using simple coupling procedures.    
    For method screening or small scale separation, choose the convenience of prepacked micro columns. Larger scale separations are easily achieved by packing bulk material in our Advanced Purification (AP) glass column. To estimate packed bed volume for a known amount of Protein-Pak affinity epoxy-activated packing: Protein-Pak affinity epoxy-activated used (g) x 2 = packed bed volume (mL).
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