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GPC & SEC Columns

For over 50 years, Waters has been the market leader in GPC and SEC analysis, providing the highest quality columns and applications support for both organic- and aqueous-based size separations. Refinements in packing materials and technology have allowed industry scientists to expand the original GPC/SEC polymer separations to include applications for separating small and large molecules from interfering matrices, such as those found in foods, pharmaceutical preparations, and natural products.  
Waters leading GPC/SEC brands include: 
  • Styragel┬« Columns for polymer characterization 
  • Envirogel™ Columns for high-resolution GPC cleanup 
  • Shodex┬« Columns for polymer characterization 
  • HSPgel™ Columns for high speed GPC analysis 
  • HSPgel AQ Columns for high speed SEC analysis 
  • Ultrahydrogel™ Columns for SEC 
  • Ultrastyragel™ Columns for polymer characterization
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