Cambridge Epigenetix TrueMethyl Whole-Genome


TrueMethyl Whole-Genome

Each TrueMethyl® Whole Genome kit contains the necessary reagents to quantify the true level of cytosine methylation (5mC) and hydroxymethylation (5hmC) by next generation sequencing. The kit ships in two parts:    
  • oxBox-1 is shipped at ambient temperature    
  • oxBox-2 is shipped frozen
  • Features

  • Components required to purify and standardise the DNA samples prior to oxidation for optimal results   
  • A proprietary formulation of the oxidant solution with enhanced performance.   
  • A bisulfite conversion kit and workflow tailored to be used in conjunction with oxidation - each kit has enough materials for 48 oxBS reactions (or 24 oxBS and 24 BS-only reactions)   
  • Innovative new post-bisulfite NGS library preparation reagents   
  • PCR reagents and a protocol to index and amplify oxBS/BS-treated libraries.   
  • Workflow spike-in controls to assess conversion efficiency and assay performance.   
  • Detailed and robust protocol
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    At Cambridge Epigenetix (CEGX) they believe that methylation matters to human health. So they're developing best in class tools to make studying DNA methylation...

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