Balances series PS/X are new types of precision balances with large graphic backlit display and extended user menu. The balances comprise all the features and functions of WPX balances and also the newest electronic and mechanical solutions and upgraded software.

The electronic and mechanical structure is similar to balances series PS. They are equipped with 12 key membrane keyboard, which ensures easier more intuitive operation for the user. Pan dimension in this series is 195×195 or 128×128 mm with a draught shield over the weighing pan . All the balances series PS/X feature internal calibration system. Each balance is equipped with RS 232 and RS485 outputs, PS/2 socket and additional LCD display plug.
GLP procedure is available in a form of a report from balance calibration. shape of the printout is modifiable. User name, project name, print of date and time, and print frame are user defined on printout.

Balances are equipped with optional weighing of loads outside the weighing pan, so called under hook weighing. it is an alternative for weighing loads with non standard dimensions or made of magnetic substances. Under hook weighing is additionally applied in case of density determination procedure.


PS 6000/X*

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Balance Type Precision Balance
Linearity .03 g
Readability .01 g
Repeatability 0.015 g
Stabilization Time 1.5 sec
Weight 5 kg
Additional Specifications Max capacity 6000 g
Minimal load 0,5 g
Readability 0,01 g
Tare range -6000 g
Pan size 195×195 mm
Sensitivity drift 2 ppm/°C in temperature
Display graphic (backlit)
Packaging size 570×325×225 mm





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RADWAG has been present on balance and scale market for over 25 years, and during this period of time its organizational structure has changed enormously....

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