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nVoke expands on nVista's capabilities by enabling you to both measure and manipulate neural circuit activity in real time. nVoke combines calcium imaging and optogenetics into one "All-Optical" system, allowing you to test sophisticated causal hypotheses about the relationship between neural circuit activity and emergent brain functions and behaviors.


The ability to conduct integrated imaging and optogenetics during active behavior enables fundamental understanding of brain functions such as movement, memory, emotions, social interactions, adaptive behavior, and cognitive functions.     
Simultaneously perform imaging and optogenetics     
An integrated calcium imaging and optogenetics system empowers you to modulate and record neural activity simultaneously, in the same field of view. Determine causal relationships between specific neural circuits and behavior like never before.     
Leverage multiple protocols     
nVoke supports common indicator/opsin combinations: GCaMP/Chrimson (excitatory protocols) for inter-regional connectivity and GCaMP/NpHR3.0 or Jaws (inhibitory protocols) for microcircuit functioning.     
Test your hypotheses with confidence     
Carefully designed to minimize biological cross-talk between opsin and activity indicator and maximize the signal-to-noise of the activity indicator, nVoke ensures you can perform simultaneous imaging and optogenetics with confidence.     
Synchronize your experiments     
nVoke allows for synchronous tracking and analysis of behavior, plus experimental flexibility with 4 GPIO ports on the DAQ box.     
Trust your technology     
nVoke has been carefully designed by world-class engineers and validated with in vivo biological testing by a team of top-notch neuroscientists.


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Inscopix spun out of Stanford University in 2011. Inscopix's core technology and methods for in vivo brain imaging spawned out of almost a decade of interdisciplinary...

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