Macherey-Nagel NucleoSnap Plasmid Midi


NucleoSnap Plasmid Midi

  • New column design (snap-off column) for vacuum processing of large sample volumes     
  • Transfection-grade plasmid DNA for sensitive downstream applications     
  • Isolate up to 700 Μg plasmid DNA in only 35 minutes     
  • Typical downstream applications: transfection of common cell lines (lipofection, electroporation)     
  • Also suitable for standard molecular biology application such as cloning and sequencing
  • NucleoSnap Plasmid Midi
    Additional Specifications Technology:     
    Silica-membrane technology     
    Vacuum processing (e.g., using NucleoVac 24 Vacuum Manifold), centrifugation for elution     
    Snap-off column     
    Endotoxin level:     
    < 50 EU/µg DNA (EU = Endotoxin Units)     
    Sample material:     
    Up to 50 mL E. coli culture (OD600=5)     
    Lysate clarification:     
    NucleoSpin® Plasmid Filter Columns (2 min centrifugation)     
    Vector size:     
    < 25 kbp     
    Typical yield:     
    400–700 µg (50 mL culture, OD600=4, high-copy plasmid)     
    Elution volume:     
    200–500 µL     
    Preparation time:     
    35 min/6 preps     
    Binding capacity:     
    1.5 mg



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