HORIBA Aqualog ® Datastream


Aqualog ® Datastream

The NEW Aqualog® Datastream Dashboard facilitates completely automated analysis and reporting of a wide range of organic matter parameters that are critical for managing and optimizing the drinking water treatment process. The Datastream parameters have been selected to specifically target disinfection by-product issues, algal issues and other contamination components
Aqualog ® Datastream
Additional Specifications Windows:      
OS 64 bit Windows 7 or higher     
Web Browser:     
Google Chrome ?V53.x or Firefox ?49.x     
Memory (RAM):     
? 4 GB     
Hard Disk:     
? 4 GB     
USB Ports:     
? 2 ; Additional ports may be required for accessories     
Video Resolution:     
? 1024 x 768     
Eigenvector Solo Industrial:     
V8.2 or higher     
HORIBA Onsite Installation/Calibration:     
HORIBA 6 month service:     
License Period:     
1 year renewable     
Aqualog Hardware:     
UV-800 (200-800 nm)


  • Seamless integration with Aqualog     
  • Convenient HTML-based interface     
  • Push-button method operation     
  • Simple administrator level controls for calibration and method development     
  • Easy access through internet or intranet     
  • Dashboard shows the latest readings, time series and tables for trends and analysis     
  • WTP can upload their own independent data     
    Instant Dashboard results include:     
  • Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentration     
  • Disinfection By-product Formation Potentials     
  • Complete UV-Vis spectra (A254)     
  • Specific UV Absorbance     
  • Algae (Bluegreen, Green and others)     
  • Oils and PAHs     
  • Regional Molecular Fingerprint Analysis     
  • Absorbance Slope Analysis     
  • Humic and Fluorescence Indices     
  • Process Step Coordination     
  • Time Series and Tables for Trend Analysis     
  • 95% removal of customer input requirements or analysis     
  • Thresholds and MCLs for all Parameters     
  • Model Parameters, Fits and Residual Evaluation
  • Photos

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