Innova Biosciences Conjugate Check&Go! Kit


Conjugate Check&Go! Kit

The Innova Biosciences Conjugate Check&Go! kit allows scientists to confirm the success of their antibody conjugation in one easy step.   
The key component of the kit is a nitrocellulose membrane containing a ‘Test line’ of immobilized Protein A and Protein G called a “half strip”.   
Both Protein A and Protein G have a high affinity for the Fc region of a variety of IgG molecules. The “half strips” also contain an absorbent pad to promote and control the flow of sample through the nitrocellulose. This simple qualitative lateral flow assay does not require any specialized or costly equipment.   
When the antibody conjugate is run on the Conjugate Check&Go! strip, it flows along the nitrocellulose, binding to the Protein A and Protein G concentrated on the Test line. When the antibody is successfully conjugated to a colored label, a visible line appears on the strip.


  • Quickly check the success of your conjugation (only 10 minutes!)   
  • Easy to use   
  • No costly equipment required   
  • Compatible with antibody conjugates generated using our Lightning-Link® fluorescent labeling kits and our InnovaCoat® GOLD and LATEX conjugation kits   
  • Compatible with any other conjugation technology that uses colored labels   
  • Requires only small volumes (40ul of diluted conjugate)   
  • Unique to Innova Biosciences
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