Opentrons OT-One Hood


OT-One Hood

Automate sterile pipetting inside of a tissue culture hood. Explore a community generated repository of commonly used protocols, including PCR prep, transformations, dilutions, and gene editing.     
The shallower footprint and unique two-part design of the OT-One Hood allows it to be taken apart, slid into a standard tissue culture hood, and restacked. Now you can automate pipetting inside of your sterile hood.
OT-One Hood
Dispensing Type Integrated Workstation
Workstation Type Multi-function
Depth 60 cm
Height 60 cm
Width 45 cm
Weight 13.6 kg
Additional Specifications Dispensing Volumes:      
Dispensing Type:      
Single-channel and Multi-channel     
Deck Capacity:      
10 microplates     
Workstation Type:      
Fits inside of a standard tissue culture hood.



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