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ParticleFinder offers a user friendly tool for automated location, characterization and Raman analysis of particles. Hundreds or thousands of particles can be quickly located on a video image, analyzed for size and shape descriptors, and then chemically characterized using Raman spectroscopy. 
ParticleFinder is compatible with any HORIBA Raman spectrometer equipped with LabSpec 6 software, a video camera and motorized XY sample stage. With these requirements met, ParticleFinder’s Raman analysis can fully exploit the unique capabilities of HORIBA’s Raman systems to ensure the most appropriate chemical interrogation. This can range from routine identification of common particles and contaminants, through to advanced characterization of polymorphism/phase, photoluminescence and stress/strain.


  • Automatic location of particles 
  • Video montage/mosaic tool for large area analysis 
  • Characterization of particle size and particle shape 
  • Select particles according to particle size and particle shape 
  • Automatic acquisition of Raman spectrum for each particle 
  • Spectrum export tool for KnowItAll® database searching tool 
  • Advanced particle clustering and decomposition tools with Multivariate Analysis 
  • Full functionality of HORIBA’s “simply powerful” LabSpec 6, including complete data processing, analysis and display functionality.
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