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SmartExtraction Is Setting New Benchmarks 
Developed by Analytik Jena, the technology is the first of its kind in the world to facilitate simple automation with conventional liquid handling systems.1 More than 35 years after silica-based DNA and RNA isolation was first scientifically documented,2 Analytik Jena is launching a global innovation in nucleic acid extraction. SmartExtraction significantly accelerates and considerably simplifies the entire procedure. Most notably, the technology accommodates the trend towards maximum process automation. 
In order to provide users with maximum freedom when selecting materials, SmartExtraction was designed to be platform-independent. 
The technology can be used with all of Analytik Jena’s pipetting systems, including InnuPure® C16 & C96, CyBio® SELMA, GeneTheatre, and CyBio® FeliX, and is simple to adapt for use with any liquid handling system.2In addition to simplifying procedures, SmartExtraction is also superior to other technologies in terms of yield, DNA quality, and efficiency criteria: Thanks to high binding capacities, large amounts of high-molecular DNA can be extracted with the appropriate starting materials. 
Compared with magnetic particle technology used in conjunction with automated pipetting extraction systems, the new technology significantly increases the amount of extracted nucleic acids in many applications, while substantially reducing the processing time required. 
That’s Not Optimization – That’s a Quantum Leap! 
Principle - DC-Technology® meets Smart Surfaces 
  • No phenol/chloroform 
  • No ion exchanger 
  • No silica materials or spin filter columns 
  • No silica or magnetic particle suspensions 
    The core of the patented DC-Technology® extraction chemistry is the combination of chaotropic and non-chaotropic salts with low ionic strengths, which enables the development of efficient lysis and binding buffers. The smart modified surface inside the 1 ml filter tip selectively binds the desired nucleic acids and then elutes them with high efficiency. 
    Concentrating on What is Important 
    SmartExtraction has revolutionized the process of isolating and purifying nucleic acids, for instance, by making a number of steps, additional materials, and special equipment superfluous. Developed by experts, the smart modified surface ensures that the entire extraction process occurs in the pipette tip. Using existing workflows as an example, that means that none of the steps, from lysis to DNA desorption, require special materials or equipment such as magnets, vacuum stations, or centrifuges. 
  • Special equipment and materials are superfluous 
  • Process limited to simply pipetting up and down 
  • “Smart modified surface” for simple extraction in the pipette tip
  • Features

  • Simple procedure, exceptionally easy to automate 
  • Can be used in liquid handling systems of all kinds1 
  • Optimized ready-to-use kits for InnuPure® extraction systems and the CyBio® SELMA,
  • CyBio® FeliX, and GeneTheatre automated liquid handling systems 
  • Exceptional yield, quality, and quantity 
  • Extraction of high-molecular DNA 
  • Fast routines, especially for high-throughput applications 
  • No centrifugation: Minimal nucleic acid shearing 
  • No carryover of magnetic particles: Eluted nucleic acids of maximum quality 
  • No silica materials: Optimized binding capacity for nucleic acids
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