Applied Scientific Instrumentation Oblique Single Plane Illumination Microscope (oSPIM)


Oblique Single Plane Illumination Microscope (oSPIM)

ASI’s oSPIM microscope is an excellent platform for high resolution light sheet microscopy for samples mounted in standard coverslip-bottom culture dishes. The oSPIM is a single-view light sheet system where the illumination light sheet is generated at an oblique angle using an oil immersion objective below the sample dish. Fluorescent emission is observed using a high NA water dipping objective from the top side where this objective is tilted 60 degrees, perpendicular to the illumination sheet. The arrangement with high NA objectives both above and below the sample dish allow for high-resolution imaging in a convenient geometry for cell culture work.   
The oSPIM is two microscopes in one. The lower microscope can be used for fluorescent imaging using conventional modalities, such as wide field fluorescence, confocal, or TIRF. It also is utilized as the light sheet excitation objective. The tilted top microscope is dedicated to Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) or light sheet images.
Oblique Single Plane Illumination Microscope (oSPIM)
Microscope Type Fluorescence
Additional Specifications Field of View:   
>250 µm diagonal   
280 nm XY, ~670nm Z @ 500 nm wavelength   
Sample Size:   
Best for small transparent samples such as cells or tissue cultures   
Depends on objective and camera, these are for 60x NA 1.1 and sCMOS camer   
35mm Ø or larger glass-bottom dish, cover slip   
Imaging Depth:   
Limited by scattering, usually 30 -150 µm depending on sample   
Various free/open-source and proprietary   
Available using inverted microscope objective   
Compatible Cameras:   
Any sCMOS with external trigger   
Compatible Lasers:   
Any with TTL control   
Acquisition Modes:   
Synchronized slice/piezo, Stage scan, Fixed sheet   
Multi-D Acquisition:   
Any combination of: Time Points, Multi-position, Multi-color (up to 4)


  • Low photobleaching: >10x reduction vs. confocal/spinning disk   
  • Water dipping emission objective yields 280 nm transverse resolution   
  • Rapid 3D imaging at oblique angle to coverslip, up to 200 planes per second   
  • Acquisition rates up to 200 planes per second   
  • Conventional sample mounting in cell culture dishes   
  • Fully functional “conventional” fluorescent microscope in addition to the light sheet modality
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