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So quiet, you’ll hardly notice it. 
In terms of noise reduction, the dry vacuum pump ECODRY plus represents the summit of German engineering expertise. Non-contacting rotors with low vibration, a low-power drive unit, a low-noise fan for efficient cooling, and a cutting-edge silencer add up to an acoustic milestone. Clean pumping has never been quieter. 
No oil. No particles. Absolutely clean. 
Yes, the ECODRY plus is exceptionally quiet – but it’s also incredibly clean. The multi-stage Roots design is a dry technology. No oil, particles, or dust are present in the pumping chamber. Clean vacuum is assured. Samples can be reliably analyzed and compared. Plus, your workplace stays odor-free and maintenance is reduced to a bare minimum. 
Low noise emission 
In analytical instruments like mass spectrometers, the vacuum pump is an indispensable component that is expected to provide reliable vacuum without drawing too much attention to itself. With the ECODRY plus, acoustic enclosures for noise reduction are no longer required. And thanks to its flexible interfaces, the pump can be remote-controlled by the instrument control system.



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Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers a wide range of advanced vacuum solutions for use in manufacturing and analytical processes, as well as for research purposes....

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