The new EasyNavTM package makes it easy to navigate through your image and acquire sharp Raman images in the blink of an eye, thanks to three new revolutionary applications: NavMapTM, NavSharpTM and ViewSharpTM.   
With the groundbreaking EasyNavTM package, it is fast and easy to navigate in-focus, in real-time, to identify the region of interest and obtain sharp, clear Raman chemical images.   
EasyNavTM has been tested and validated on a large variety of samples.   
HORIBA NavMapTM+ NavSharpTM+ ViewSharpTM apps can be used together or separately to deliver a powerful user experience for all Raman users.   
  • Navigate easily through your image with NavMapTM   
  • Navigate your sharp image in real-time with NavSharpTM   
  • Construct a 3D topography and acquire rapid, in-focus Raman images of the analyzed sample with ViewSharpTM   
    The EasyNavTM package technology is protected by a pending patent.
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