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Evidence Multistat

The evidence MultiStat analyser is a semi-automated point-of-application analyser for rapid and accurate patient diagnosis without the need to send the sample to the laboratory. The system allows the generation of a comprehensive patient profile in under 20 minutes, a major benefit for early intervention and treatment.

Evidence MultiStat utilises Biochip Array Technology for simultaneous detection of up to 12 analytes from a single undivided patient sample. Washing, incubations and biochip imaging are performed automatically within the analyser. The Evidence MultiStat also features a touch screen user interface for ease of use and onboard quality control features.
A cardiac biochip for early diagnosis of MI / ACS and two biochips for a range of drugs of abuse are currently available for the analyser.
Evidence Multistat
Sample Size 7µl-100µl
Additional Specifications Test Duration Range: Multiple results available within 20 minutes


  • Results within 20 minutes - more rapid diagnosis
  • Small sample volume: 7µl-100µl
  • Onboard quality control features for precise and accurate results
  • Specialised software automatically interprets results without data manipulation
  • Multiple sample matrices including blood and urine
  • Touch screen user interface

Ease of use
  • 3-step process - add sample to cartridge, insert cartridge, read results
  • Colour Touch Screen with Windows® based software
  • On-board storage of 1000+ patient results
  • 4 levels of user access
  • Multiple sample types & low sample volumes
  • Barcode scanner for sample traceability

  • Central laboratory quality (CVs typically <10%)
  • User defined cut-off values for drugs of abuse
  • On board calibration
  • QC can be run concurrently with a patient sample Connectivity
  • Full connectivity to central laboratory without additional software

  • Suitable for use in a wide range of near patient applications


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