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The most revolutionary immunoassay analyser in the world Evidence is the world's first fully automated multiplex immunoassay. The Evidence performs simultaneous quantitative detection of a wide test menu across the full Randox portfolio of biochip assays.

Evidence combines the latest technological advances with innovative system design to present the world’s first Protein Biochip Array Technology system. Setting new standards in clinical analysis, evidence has the capacity to perform a test output in excess of 1200 tests per hour. Dedicated software controls all system operations from onboard maintenance to calibration validation, to patient sample profiling for a variety of tests.

Biochips are 9x9mm solid substrates with multiple Discrete Test Regions (DTRs) arranged in an array on the surface. At present, Randox biochips hold 25 DTRs but, if required, the test capacity can be increased dramatically. Biochip Array Technology relies on the basic principles of immunology, using competitive and sandwich immunoassays. Horseradish peroxidase-labelled detection creates a chemiluminescent signal at each DTR, all of which are simultaneously measured by the CCD camera and interpreted by the analyser software.

The technology is based on a novel concept using a biochip as a reaction platform, with multiple specific ligands (antibodies or antigens) attached at pre-defined sites on the surface. After addition of a patient sample to the biochip, analytes present in the sample bind to the specific ligands. The degree of binding is determined using a chemiluminescent light source and quantified using a Charge Coupled Device (CCD) camera and imaging system.

Evidence won the MacRobert award, the UK's most prestigious award for innovation in engineering. The Royal Academy of Engineering selected Evidence for the award to recognise that it is innovative, will make a significant contribution to society, and will be a significant commercial success.


Cassette loading tower
Cassettes contain vertically stacked biochip carriers in an easy-load bar-coded cassette. Cassettes are inserted directly and move downward into a storage compartment

Refrigerated reagent storage unit
The refrigerated reagent storage unit comprises of an internal units for panel-specific reagents. Bar-coded reagents for the test array enable rapid identification.

Sample unit
Sample tubes or cups can be loaded onto two removable sample carousels (180 capacity) each with a barcode reader for rapid sample identification. With continuous sample

Bulk solutions unit
Universal wash buffer and displacement fluids are required for routine operation of evidence®.

Cassette collection unit
Cassettes are released into an onboard collection unit when empty or when the test panel changes.

Biohazard waste unit
An onboard waste container for used biochip carriers minimises the risk of biological contamination and contains an interlocked door for enhanced safety.

Software features
  • Colour-coded, on screen inventory units for demonstration of component status.
  • Automatic system initialisation procedure.
  • Retrospective reporting facility to enable the retrieval of previously unreported tests.
  • Calibration information supplied on disc for easy upload.
  • User-defined cut-off values for all drugs of abuse assays without the need to recalibrate.
  • Multi-format option for results review e.g. by patient sample, by biochip array, etc. This facilitates troubleshooting of results.
  • Results archive facility.
  • Access to analyser software for remote
    maintenance and trouble shooting.
  • Test selection and reporting option from dedicated assay panels to eliminate test redundancy.
  • Automatic onboard inventory check for lot and panel specific biochips and reagents before a test panel is presented for selection.
  • To ensure safe operation and handling, software restricts access to onboard units and reagents.
  • Audible alarms to alert user.
  • Evidence® can be connected to a laboratory information management system (LIMS).
  • QC software with Multi-rule capability.


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I am looking for a simplistic yet scientifically based explination of the technology behind the Randox Evidence. Does anyone know how it really works (not just the biochip part)? Thanks!

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