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RX Daytona

The small analyser that thinks big    
The RX daytona™ is a compact fully automated benchtop clinical chemistry analyser. It is ideal for small to medium-size laboratories, or as back-up analyser    
It offers time, labour and cost saving features and the widest test menu of dedicated reagents in its class.    
180 photometric tests, 270 ISEs per hour    
Assay type: endpoint, kinetic, turbidimetric, ISE    
3 ISEs: Na+, K+ and Cl-    
Barcode identification of samples and reagents    
Easy-to-use Windows ® based software    
Extensive user defined onboard QC package    
Low water usage    
Permanent cuvettes    
Low service requirements    
Comprehensive range of reagents, calibrators and quality controls    
Supplementary QC software packages available: 24/7, RIQAS EQA
RX Daytona
Sample Size 2 to 35 µl (in 0.1 µl increments)
Depth 620 mm
Height 550 mm
Width 770 mm
Weight 135 kg
Additional Specifications Analyzer type: Compact fully automated random access benchtop clinical analyser    
Test channels: 40 photometric channels; 3 direct ISE channels for sodium, potassium and chloride    
Throughput: 180 photometric tests per hour; 270 ISE tests per hour    
Assay types: Endpoint, kinetic    
Calibration: Factor, linear, point to point, spline, log-logit and exponential    
Up to 7 calibrators per test    
Water requirements: NCCLS type 1 or 2 purified water supply with capacity 7.5 litres per hour    
Accreditation: CE marking in compliance with In Vitro Diagnostics Medical Device Directive 98/79/EC; FDA 510k cleared; Sample management    
Sample capacity: Removable tray with 40 positions for samples, calibrators and controls    
Sample tube size: Multiple primary tube sizes (diameter 12 to 16 mm, height 55 to 100 mm); Paediatric cups    
Sample identification: Barcode sample identification    
Automatic sample dilution: Pre-dilution and automatic re-assay with diluted, reduced or increased sample volume    
Sample addition: Sampling interruption for addition of samples    
Sample pipette: Dedicated sample micropipette with liquid level sensor and crash protection; Rinsed inside and outside with purified water; Reagent management    
Reagent capacity: Removable tray with 40 cooled positions (20 positions for 100,     
and 20 positions for 20 ml bottles)    
Reagent cooling: 8 to 15°C    
Reagent volume: 20 to 400 µl (in 1 µl increments)    
Reagent identification: Automatic barcode reagent identification    
Reagent inventory: Calculation of remaining reagent volume and tests available; Alerts for reagent shortage, expired reagent and expired calibration    
Reagent pipette: Dedicated reagent micropipette with liquid level sensor and crash detection; Rinsed inside and outside with purified water; Reaction system    
Cuvettes: 45 reusable Pyrex® cuvettes with 5-year lifespan; Minimum volume 180 µl, maximum volume 500 µl; 8-stage cuvette washing system    
Detection: 8 wavelengths: 340, 415, 510, 546, 570, 600, 660 and 700 nm Halogen tungsten lamp light source; 6 mm path length    
Stirring speed: Two 3-speed rotating stirrers; Rinsed with purified water    
Data management: Storage of up to 10,000 patient reports; Search facility    
QC and calibration: Daily, monthly and batch QC    
Connections: RS-232C cable for bi-directional LIMS/LIS interface


RX Daytona    
  • Compact fully automated random access benchtop clinical analyser    
  • 180 photometric tests, 270 ISE tests per hour    
  • Easy-to-use Windows® based software    
  • Unrivalled user-defined QC capability    
  • Labour saving    
  • Low water usage    
  • Unique multi-speed stirring    
  • Lowest service requirements in its class    
Randox support    
  • Comprehensive range of reagents, calibrators and quality controls    
  • 24/7 quality control software    
  • RIQAS External Quality Assessment (EQA) programmes    
  • Technical and engineering support    
Test menu    
  • Routine clinical chemistry    
  • Specific proteins    
  • Lipids    
  • Diabetes    
  • Cardiac    
  • Antioxidants    
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring    
  • Renal function    
  • Liver function    
  • Electrolytes    
  • Veterinary testing    
  • Drugs of Abuse    


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