HMK Test AS-601 Bulk Density Tester


AS-601 Bulk Density Tester

AS-601 Bulk Density Tester (CAT.No.030598) measures physically the apparent density of plastic materials and molding materials. Apparent Density Tester is produced according to international standard ISO 60 Plastics – Determination of Apparent Density of Material that can be poured from a specified funnel and the tested values is equivalent to ASTM D 1895 Standard Test Method for Apparent Density, Bulk Factor, and Pourability of Plastic Materials-Test Method A. Test Method A and ISO Method R 60 have been found to give values that differ by – 0.01 to + 0.03 apparent density units (g/cm3) based on the average of five tests for each of three materials. 
AS-601 Apparent Density Tester is designed according to ISO 60 international standard which specifies a method of determining the apparent density, that is the mass per unit of volume, of loose material (powder or granular material) that can be poured from a funnel of specified design. 
  • Measuring cylinder 
  • Funnel 
  • Stand
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