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Multichannel Reagent Reservoirs

Toss the insert and keep the base, saves you money and saves you space! 
Reagent reservoirs are used by many laboratories for the temporary storage of reagent during pipetting applications. However many reservoirs have flimsy troughs, graduations that are hard to read or require a lot of storage space due to bulky packaging.  
Unlike traditional reservoirs, INTEGRA developed an innovative reservoir solution that features reusable reservoir bases. This allows users to reuse the sturdy base and toss the disposable insert. INTEGRA reservoirs have been designed to nest inside each other, making it possible to get twice as many reservoirs in half the space of other products on the market, reducing inventory space requirements and shipping costs. Unlike traditional reservoirs that have hard to see graduations molded directly into the plastic, INTEGRA reservoirs are made of crystal clear polystyrene and fit into a reusable base with bold, crisp, clearly visible graduation markings. The unique design leads to more accurate reagent measurements, no over pouring, and less waste.


INTEGRA reagent reservoirs offer a convenient solution for the temporary storage of non-solvent based liquids during any pipetting application. The system consists of disposable, crystal clear polystyrene inserts that fit into reusable bases with clearly visible volume markings. 
Patented design refracts light so graduations below fluid become invisible, making it easier to identify the exact desired volume line. 
Holds disposable reservoir securely during use. One free base is included with every case of bulk or individually sealed reservoirs. 
Base accommodates two reservoirs; one acting as a lid to allow short term storage of reagent on a benchtop while preventing evaporation or contamination from particulates. 
Clearly designed to nest within one another without sticking, INTEGRA reagent reservoirs come in compact, space-saving packages (containing portable, standalone sleeves ideal for lab benches or hoods). 
Molded into each reagent reservoir, convenient pour back spouts control liquid flow and allow you to neatly and easily return excess fluid to a source container, if your protocol allows. 
For maximum fluid recovery and minimal waste, INTEGRA reagent reservoirs feature a full length, extra deep trough that is more easily accessible for pipet tips.


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